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Video marketing for businesses

Video quality -

Dynamic Multi Encoding 
1080 Full HD – mp4 & webm, 720 HD – mp4 & webm, 480 SD – mp4 & webm 

Delivering the most capable video quality per device 

 As great as it offer to Full HD video, not all your visitors can view such high quality at certain times. A great example is mobile users or people in locations with slower internet connections. Orangevine takes the needs of your visitors into account without buffering.

Take a look and test the load time and quality yourself with the following video, in all 6 encoding formats.

Player size: (480p) 838×480 /HQ / 1500 kbps


Player size: (720p) 1920×1080 / HQ / 3072 kbps


Player size: (1080p) 1920×1080 / FULL HD / 4992 kbps