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Orangevine storage based on what you need

Storage: Based on what you actually need

All Orangevine price plans come with dedicated storage space. In our experience, if you’re using video hosting as a marketing tool to your core business activities, then you benefit most from data usage being unlimited. Of course, if you’re a video producer, such as an e-learning house, online broadcaster or agency serving hundreds of client videos, then our Enterprise and Custom plans are available for you too.

Orangevine video hosting features

A complete suite of tools and functions for your video activities

We’ve thought about this long and hard which is why as an custom client, you still receive unlimited data and a minimum of 1TB storage data for your needs.


Fast, reliable, scalable

As publishers ourselves, we know how important it is for your video marketing content to load, fast, be of great quality and accessible on all devices.

Orangevine understand that although you may now be focusing on desktop users, you will at one point want to engage with mobile and  tablet users. The Orangevine technology allows this, without you having to do anything. Orangevine detects which device and browser  a viewer is using and selects the most suitable player and video quality, automatically.

Flexible pricing with Orangevine hosting


Whether you’re starting out with video marketing or making the transition from traditional to online, the ability to grow is an easy transition with Orangevine.

We’ve thought long and hard about every level of business and understand that along with growth comes and even bigger need to monetize. Whichever Orangevine price plan you start at, we’ve made the upgrade to the next level as financially painless as possible.

Analytics: Full scale reporting

Every campaign needs to show detailed video marketing analytics. Analytics tell us not only how many visitors we have viewing our content, but also where they come from and what their interest are. At Orangevine, we know how valuable this information is which is why you’ll have access to (graphical) analytics per day, week, month and per visitor country.

Orangevine dashboard

Shoppable / Interactive video: Get your videos found and seen!

We don’t just mean adding your email address to your video. We mean interactive video in the sense of a fully working shoppable video which highlight select moments where the viewer can take action. Orangevine has working examples of the ‘right way’ to use interactive video with statistics and facts that prove its value. When you sign up for Orangevine, you’ll have full access to our Orangevine Library of tools, demo’s and tutorials.

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