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Use interactive video to collect leads anywhere within your video

Use interactive video to collect leads anywhere within your video

One of the features that we at Orangevine are really proud of is our inbound marketing functionality. It’s basically a method of collecting leads from within the video itself and we’ve created this demo to show you how it works.


So, for those of you using video, you probably already know that the first few seconds of your video is crucial for getting the viewers attention. Now, most people focus a little bit too much on getting ways to get the view to watch all of the video and this is done mainly because the Call to Action is generally placed at the end of the video which actually is a pretty bad place to put it because it means that in order to get the conversion your viewer would have to watch all your video.

The truth is, people simply don’t have much time, so what can you do to make sure your viewer gets what they want quickly and you get that lead?

​Every content marketing piece, be it a blog, article or a video should have Call To Actions placed strategically throughout the content piece. You don’t want to go over the top with this, but you do want to add one in whenever relevant. Depending on how long your blog or article is, you’ll want to add about three Call To Action moments. This also applies to va video of about 2 minutes long.

So let’s look at how we’ve done this.

Let’s take a look at how interactive video is used to collect leads and encourage engagement.

In this video, we see Marketing specialist, Stephanie Ward providing great tips on how to build business relationships. Stephanie’s video starts off with a recognisable problem issue and her introduction tempts you to keep watching for the tip which is to come.


Now, when using interactive video features, you don’t want to leave the interactive button on the screen the whole time as this can be distracting. So, after about 10 seconds this button has been timed to disappear.


Roughly about half way through the video we add another interactive element, only this time we’ve used the front cover of her report as an eye catcher and we’ve created an in-video form which can either be connected to your CRM or Mailing software such as Mailchimp of Mailerlite. Connecting your form is such a way ensures that the viewer viewer doesn’t have to leave your video to get what they need. By adding a second call to action in this way, we remind the view of the offer being made and use a visual as opposed to textual element to make it more attractive and tangible.


At approximately 3 quarters of the video we’ll add the first interactive button again which is now added to support the Call To Action in her script because she mentions it explicitely here. Finally, at the end of the video of the video the form appears again. If a viewer has come this far they are very interested in what you have to say and likely to convert into a lead for your business.

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