Online video styles for businesses: Which should you use? (free e-Book) -

Online video styles for businesses: Which should you use? (free e-Book)

There are many different online video styles for businesses, so which one should be used and how? Before we get to this, we must first acknowledge that online video is here to stay and a content form that must be taken seriously. It’s not going anywhere soon and it’s pretty much become the highest valued form of online content there is.

Business of all sizes are embracing online video and realising that video marketing is the easiest way to get noticed quickly. One caveat to consider however is which style of video to use and when. To add to this, business or company videos should focus on showing their authenticity. This may seem obvious to B2C companies, but B2B services should also do their best to show the real side of themselves to their clients and potential customers.

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Authenticity is something every type of customer wants to see and experience. For companies, authenticity humanizes the brand, builds trust and helps to form relationships. The fact is this, people connect with the people first! If we watch a company video, like the person we see – the way they talk, smile, explain things and look – we automatically connect that experience to that company as well.

Protect and brand your video

Although I wouldn’t go quite as far as putting a watermark on your video after all, your logo should already be included in your bumpers and lower-thirds – you should consider using a professional hosting service. Professional video hosting services tend to be far safer in terms of content protection than say, YouTube, Vimeo or other free hosted video platforms. Free video hosted sites don’t protect illegal downloading and these videos can easily be skimmed or downloaded. To add to this, free video hosting services have the task of providing relevant content to their searchers, so there’s a high chance your competitor’s video will be shown just after yours when hosted there. Professional video hosting companies, such as Orangevine, offer more benefits such as interactive video and a relevant playlist to help your visitors discover more of your own content and keep them on your site.

Online Video Styles for Businesses

There are several online video styles for businesses to consider using throughout your online video strategy. These styles have a unique purpose and should be used at the relevant stage of the buyer journey.  ‘How-to’ videos are great for consumers but also business clients. A How-to video basically explains how to do, create, make or achive something and we all like videos that help us further. Demonstrating how your product or service works and how it makes our lives easier will hugely increase your ability to sell. The great thing about good ‘How to’ videos is that they sell themselves, when done correctly.

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ebook-cover-def ‘How to’ videos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes on online video styles for businesses. In fact, we produced a great e-Book called ‘The Best Online Video Content Styles for Businesses” to demonstrate just how many different online video styles you can use to get your message across to your clients in the right way. Download it here! We’ve included a huge list as well as explanations of how to use them and in which context.

Online video styles don’t limit themselves to the ‘How-to’ video but includes everything from the Explainer, The Demo, The Interview, The Buyer Value Video and many more. Use video in the right way, communicate your message in the right style and provide relevant information which is aligned to the needs of your potential customers and you can expect an increase in sales for your business.

Don’t get hung up on watch time

When you’ve created and used the right online video style for your business you’ll need to stimulate interaction as much as possible. This can be achieved through the use of interactive video quite easily. It’s important to place triggers early on in your video. This way you help you viewer quicker. Many of the free hosted video services rely on ‘watch-time’ as a ranking factor so you’ll likely be tempted to add your interactive elements later on in the video, but watch-time isn’t always relevant for all online video scenarios nor does it help your viewer connect with you faster. It’s actually better if your viewers are motivated into taking action quickly because of something you’ve asked them to do, such as downloading a giveaway or making a purchase of your product or service. Why keep viewers watching your video for longer than needed? And shouldn’t it be your intention to get those viewers to convert as soon as possible so that they also receive the value you’ve promised them?

If you’re using a free service such as YouTube, achieving high view-through-rates,  but not seeing them in your analytics, then something isn’t right. You’ll have to try and figure out if they’re:

– Dislike your video…
– Not understanding your message…
– Looking for similar content elsewhere… (This is pretty much guaranteed. Free video hosting sites auto-play your competitor content after yours).
– Or could it be something else? Maybe you’ve not used the right style of video ….

online video styles for businesses -

“Companies get hung up on View Through Rate (VTR)  instead of focusing on Interaction or Engagement Rate” – Click to Tweet

The watch time or View Through Rate (VTR) is a metric too many companies get hung up on. This metric serves YouTube because the longer a person watches your video, the better this will influence your visibility in YouTube’s search results. But if these viewers aren’t doing much because they’re either distracted by similar competitor content links, or forget to take action, then how does focusing on the VTR offer your business visible benefit?

If you’re a Unilever, a Proctor & Gamble, a Colgate-Palmolive’s etc., type of company then the VTR is of importance. Large multinationals such as these are using free hosted sites with a specific branding purpose and therefore should be on YouTube. However, if your goal is to get viewers to interact and convert, then the metric you need to watch is the engagement rate. This metric shows you how viewers not only perceive your video, but also let’s you know if they have interacted: downloaded, signed up or are thinking about purchasing your content.

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The goal should be to convert your viewers into being something of value to you, so you can be of value to them.

The hype about the length of your video

60 seconds,  2 minutes, 3 minutes, long form?? Stop panicking! The truth is it depends on what you have to say.  Sometimes a longer video is necessary and as long as the content is engaging throughout the video, the length of the video isn’t the important factor. If people don’t have time to watch the video but do feel your message is interesting or important, they’ll save or bookmark it for later.

You’ll still need to make the right kind of video of course. Whatever the length, be sure to keep them engaged throughout the content. Make it fun, informative or interesting to watch.

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