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Online video production packages

We create: Explainer Videos, Video Infographics, Buyer Value Videos, Animated intros, clickable videos, Storytellers, or a combination

As a business, you’ll need an arsenal of video content to stay ahead of the competitors whilst reaching more clients online. Your video must be targeted towards the needs of your customers and your video must address a solution to their problem.

The right video for your business

Online video has gotten to the stage of not only effectively generating awareness but also generating conversions (revenue). Different styles of video deliver different results, so, its important you use the right video for the stage of business you’re in and the objectives you have. As video publishers ourselves, we’ve produced a wide range of formats specifically for online viewing. The video’s Orangevine produces therefore, have a specific goal in mind.

Explainer Videos

Great for providing an easy understandable description of your product or service

Not all Explainer videos are created equal. You’ll find whiteboard, cartoon, 3D, typographic, screencasts and animation style explainers. Your product, service and the industry your business is in will determine which style of explainer video you should use. At Orangevine we use an animated style explainer video as standard supported with voice-over.

This style of explainer video can be used as an introduction but also used to explain more aspects of a business or service provider. An explainer video doesn’t have to be used once, in fact, creating one video is never a good idea. Explainers can be used several times to provide information on different parts of your company, product or service but also as tutorial video to show how your product or service works.


+ Conversion rates are increased
+ Demonstrate and define product offering
+ Viewers retain product/service better

One Explainer Video is included in the Orangevine Professional plan

Buyer Journey Video Format

A series of videos made for conversion purposes and targeted to your buyer persona(s)

Businesses large and small have different types of buyer persona’s at different levels within a company.

When using online video to communicate to these people, its important you know who they are and what there needs are. Companies need to know that your business is the right place to be and they need to trust your competence and ability to do the job well.

If you want new clients and customers, then your videos need to be targeted towards their needs and smartly but subtly inform them of how your product/service can provide the solution they are looking for.

The Buyer Journey Video format is a series of videos where your company provides value through video. These videos can be broadcast in a blog type method or via course which you may allow potential customers to know more about you.


+Targets the right message to the right people at the right time of the buyer journey
+ Interactive features allows viewers to submit data when needed
+ High conversion ratio

10 x  Buyer Journey Video’s are included in the Orangevine Enterprise plan


If you want to show your business on a more personal level this is the best format to use

More and more businesses are putting a personal face to their companies. This could be the CEO or another team member to make a more personal connection with.

This type of online video production provides companies with the opportunity to tell a story. This method isn’t new. Larger companies within the FMCG world, such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Colgate Palmolive have been doing this for years with a number of their brands.

The internet makes this method of storytelling possible for all kinds of companies providing an effective and personalised way to share your brand values. Storytelling builds trust and makes your company more personal.


+ Gives insight into what your companys stands for
+ Storytelling helps customers/clients relate to your company
+ Less salesy which can be beneficial depending on your target group

Video Infographics

Ideal for providing the facts and figures to support your business

The infographic video is a great way to communicate facts and figures about your company, product or service.

Infographics are easily shared and useful for reaching potential clients and customers. There are different ways to use an infographic video. The most common is to provide statistics and data but you can also use infographics to simplify company processes, provide an explanation of how things works, to show comparisons and many more.


+ Infographics are great for SEO – they deliver strong and trusted backlinks because of their high share factor
+ 50 times more likely to be viewed than text
+ Propels companies awareness

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