Online video - From video marketing to video sales -

Online video – From video marketing to video sales

When it comes to effectively reaching and expanding your existing client or customer base online, there are a number of methods which can be used. One of those methods, which is currently underused by a great majority, is online video. Although there is great hype about online video, and rightly so, it’s still ineffectively used for conversion.

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Online video marketing is more than just communicating a message in a pleasant manner; in fact, video marketing, without an effective conversion strategy, will simply be an extension of branding – great for visibility in the short term, but not so great for generating new business and sales.

From online video marketing to video sales

online video - orangevine.netWhat we need to consider, when using online video as a part of our communications mix, is that traditional video, broadcast via television, has always been a ‘pull’ experience. When we watch television we are pulling the information towards us. We simply sit & receive and most of the time, nothing more is expected of us in return. We can, of course, decide to switch channels, but when we do this all we’re offered is pretty much the same experience, only from a different broadcaster.

Since the 1980’s, television has had a small aspect of ‘push’ communications incorporated. Take the premium rate numbers displayed in television formats where you can send a text message to cast a vote. We see this more recently in shows such as The Voice or QVC type programs, to name a few examples. The point of the matter is that with online video we have to take the lessons of traditional video viewing and mix it with the online way of doing things.

“”If we want to get online viewers to take action, we need to help them achieve this at the most relevant moment within the video” Tweet this!

With online video, even though the internet is non-linear with infinite interaction moments, viewers are still quite passive. People consume huge amounts of video. They share it within their social networks but don’t do very much more with it.

This makes sense for two reasons.

  1. They are not being asked to do anything in a way they understand,  and
  2. Interaction moments are not included within the video.

When we realise that the use of online video requires the combination of a pull AND push approach, as well as understand where the conversion moments are WITHIN the video (not after, nor as accompanying text), then we can start to get online video to not only communicate our message but also directly bring us the conversion results, such as new clients and customers, we desire.

Big fish, little fish

Every business needs new clients. It’s the basic principle to generating revenue, but so many, even larger companies, have no idea how to use online video to increase their sales directly.
We’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of videos go viral, and the effectiveness, in terms of branding, has been proven, even if only for a short while. The impact of video is significant, but what we don’t see are either larger brands or smaller businesses using online video specifically for conversion purposes.

The truth is this: having a great video isn’t enough to make the viewer active and do something. In fact,

“Most of the time, a great video, without a conversion strategy, will inspire viewers to seek more videos on the same subject, elsewhere…” Tweet This!

With the exception of a small group of internet marketers who have successfully used the Video Sales Letter format, we see little thought about how to turn video views into video sales. The Video Sales Letter is good. It’s probably the nearest there is in terms of actively converting viewers into clients, but it’s not as good as it could be.

Video isn’t a nice to have, it’s a must have!

For those that don’t know, video content is becoming more important. Yes, it’s cool! It looks great and helps us present our businesses on a more personal level. But the importance goes much deeper than the surface reasons. Online video dominates other forms of online content and search engines think so too. Let’s be frank! It’s much easier to consume video than it is to read a blurb of text from screen. If a group of people are offered the choice between receiving information via an ‘explainer video’ and a text based description, it’s obvious which would be the winner.

There is so much to share and learn about online video and the awareness levels vary greatly. Online video requires several aspects of knowledge and experience for it to be used effectively. This applies to  content (publishers and producers of video content) but also on an operational / technical level (interactivity, video SEO, encoding, etc).

Workshop invitation

If you’re on the fence about using online video in terms of content, technical requirements or in terms of budgetary aspects, then you’re invited to attend The Power of Video workshop which we’re hosting together with Spark and The Amsterdam Academy on October 13, 2016. This workshop is for those new to online video and local to The Netherlands. Entrance is free but registration is required as there is limited space available – first come, first serve!

If you’re interested in an intermediate or more advanced workshop, then we invite you to register for our webinar instead.