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Keep your video viewers engaged with these 3 tips – video

We all know that video is effective. It captures the viewer during a scroll through their social media feed but keeping the viewers attention is a completely different ball game. Here are three tips to use to keep your video viewer engaged

missguided interactive video example

1 – Use interactive video

Using interactive video helps you provide the viewer with the specific information they need at the moment they need it. This means that the viewer doesn’t have to wait during the video but can decide themselves when they click further and proceed to your call to action.

To use interactive video effectively, use the right call to action buttons. Buttons like Contact me, find out more, learn more are passive call to actions. So, Instead, use buttons such as, Download my free white paper, schedule a call or start your free trial to get the viewer active during the video.

Tip number 2 – Get to the point quickly

If you want to explain something complex such as a new feature or the benefits that your product or service is offering, then get to the point quickly. Don’t waffle on about yourself at the beginning. You can do that later on in the video.

The point is that every video you create should offer something that helps the viewer understand more or provide them with a feeling that you or your company is the right person or team to work with.

You can do this by answering a question or provide a solution to a problem as quickly as possible. This will help the viewer faster and encourage them to watch further.

Tip number 3 – don’t go overboard

As much as we’re all aware of the importance of creating video content, make sure you don’t go overboard by creating a video for every single topic or subject you want to talk about. The exception of course is for those of us that are vloggers. If you aren’t a vlogger and use video for content marketing then make sure you use video to highlight or discuss something special.

Using too much video, too often will end up getting your content ignored, especially if the video you create isn’t offering real value. The bottom line is that as in demand as video is, it can still be too much and a bit of an overkill. So go easy and use it sparingly to create impact.

See you next time!

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