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The power of interactive video

improve engagement, stimulate conversions, increase sales, with interactive video. Discover how your business will benefit from interactive video

What is Interactive Video exactly?

Interactive video (IV) is a technique used to help viewers engage or interact with videos online.

Interactive video helps the viewer of the video to play a role in the video experience but also helps you to guide the viewer to certain parts of the video or stimulate an action or conversion moment, such as a sale, a sign up or a download.

Play the video and click on the buttons to see how interactive video works!.

Play the video to see how Call To Actions (CTAs) can be added to videos – click on the buttons

For B2C there are just as many possibilities.For example, you can add a buy button to your video or even provide consumers the chance to use video to collect more information about your product or service. Interactive Video when used within an eCommerce environment is often referred to as Shoppable Video

How is Interactive Video best used?

There are different ways to use interactive video.

You can use interactive video for B2B or B2C objectives. For example, in a B2B capacity, you may want your viewers to sign up for a special offer.

Take a look at our In-Video CTA feature which allows viewers to sign up for a newsletter, ebook or other content marketing resource at any moment within the video.

B2B users can also add interactive elements directly within the video, such as an image, download or text link.

What are the advantages of Interactive Video?

The advantages of IV are tenfold. Aside from creating ways for the viewer to engage with your product or service faster, interactive video is proven to increase conversions and watch time.

Interactive video technology can be used not only for video but also with still images. These can then be converted into video and interactive elements can be added.

Another advantage is data collection. Using interactive video helps you track conversions. Within Orangevine our interactive video features provide rich data analysis so that you know which buttons or links are clicked on the most and also where your viewers come from.

Interactive video can be embedded on all websites making it easy for affiliates and publishers to include within a blog. When the video contains interactive links to product sites, for example, it is easy to know which sites help you generate conversions and sales.

Play the video to see how chapters can be added to videos – click on the buttons during the video!

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