How effective is video marketing? -

How effective is video marketing?

How effective is video marketing and what is it about online video that makes it a great storytelling medium?

The quote in the image above states 95% of messages presented in video are better retained in comparison to 10% when delivered in text. This statement has, therefore, great impact on how we decide to communicate our business, products, service ideas to our target group. If the majority of people remember more of what’s being said in a video, then why isn’t everyone using it? We hear many say “Its intimidating. I don’t have a camera. I don’t know how to edit. I don’t know what to say”. The list goes on and these complaints are not only relevant by very valid. So how do we make online video and in particular video marketing  tangible for businesses or individuals wanting to reap the successes it offers?

At Orangevine, our aim is to help businesses create more success through video marketing. Video marketing is extremely effective – when done correctly – not only by being the perfect tool to reach a larger audience, but also for SEO purposes. Search engines love video. So, we thought, by making video hosting accessible for everyone, and every budget, we’ll be able to bridge the gap between those that are using it with success and those that aspire to do the same. As for video production, our free course will help you there.

For the last 20 years we have been digitally driven towards a life where ease of use, practicality and convenience are pillars. We want as many tools to make our lives easier and although reading a article online is quicker than going to buy a newspaper, when compared to watching a two minute video with the same information, video always wins. Video and the use of video marketing is effective for the simple reason that it’s easy to consume and pretty much available everywhere.

Video marketing is storytelling with emotion, be it, funny, inspiring or informational but you must have a story to tell for it to be valuable.


A few years ago, the term ‘Storytelling’ came about. Storytelling is, as it says, telling a story, only in the context of businesses, storytelling means displaying more than just words on a website or within a brochure and pushing about how great you are. Storytelling means communicating a message, with emotion and feeling, with the objective of communicating on a more personal level with consumers about their needs. But this isn’t really all that new. Throughout the years we’ve seen great advertising campaigns doing just that on billboard posters. Above the line campaigns were about branding and trying to get consumers to connect with a product. When we think of Coca-Cola we think of ‘happiness’ and when we visit the movies, there again, we see that brown sweet fizzy drink reinforcing it’s brand message: Coca-Cola means Happiness.

how effective is video marketing -

But online storytelling is somewhat different. With online storytelling we want to do more than just communicate our message. We want our audience to it,  to Facebook like it, to Tweetly Tweet it, to Google + it and Instagram it too. We want interaction and engagement and there is nothing more within the digital landscape that achieves that than video.

So, we’ve gone from motor-way billboards to the net and brought storytelling to our desktops, tablets and smartphones. Let’s move to modern day storytelling. Think of Buzzfeed. You may not be thinking that Buzzfeed food videos should be categorized as storytelling but in principle there is no difference.  So what is its a recipe. Why can’t storytelling be achieved through a recipe? You see, the thing is, Buzzfeed Food videos aren’t just recipes. The recipes they make are fully instructional videos showing, pretty much, everything you need to do to make a meal. The visuals, instructions and emotions are included. The videos are made in such a way that it not only looks quick and easy, but incredibly delicious. There are no famous chefs or cooks on screen. You only see hand. These could be your hand or even my hands. Get the picture?

Viewers can totally relate to it. Viewers want it. Viewers are prepared to try it because it looks so easy. A mundane daily task has just been given new light and we just have to share it with our friends, family and Facebook network, don’t we! This is storytelling. This is engagement. This is the effectiveness of video marketing and this is just about a recipe!


Is this tactic only a success with food?

Of course not! It works with any kind of video content, so long as you communicate a subject or interest that appeals to people and ultimately offer them (an idea of) a solution. Surely, you’ve seen the handy video tips that tell you how to clip your armband with a paper clip? No, well, take a look here.

Storytelling through video allows us to make the ordinary incredible and that offers a large number of people, immense value. But it’s not only value for them,  its also value your business, your product or your service. When any business or person consistently uses video for storytelling, they suddenly propel themselves in a position of authority about a certain subject, interest or niche. Where you once may have associated easy cool recipes with the likes of Jamie Oliver, you most likely now think of a Buzzfeed Food video, instead.

Emotional connections lead us to share How effective is video marketing -

When we find anything useful, pleasing, inspiring or practical, we tend to want to share it. Our ability to share it does have a few conditions however. It’s got to be easy to achieve.

If you’re old enough to think back to a time when there wasn’t any internet, then you may have experienced reading an article in a magazine and perhaps even made clippings  to save for later. There’s a fair chance that you may have shown that clipping to a friend or family member, but that was pretty much as far as it went. Not much chance of news or ideas going viral in that way. Thankfully, times have changed.

Creating an online video about yourself or your business creates a direct opportunity to share information about yourself with a large group at once. All you have to do is add your video link or embed to a social media platform and you’re pretty much there, right? OK, it won’t get spread by itself, you still have to do something, but the reality is that sharing to a direct large following has never been easier than it is now.

When you produce something that offers some form of value to others, people take it upon themselves to share it. This can be anything from practical information or to something beautiful or even challenging. Effective video marketing is utilization of visuals, emotions, relevance and practicality to create story. It’s something we can all do, not just BuzzFeed.

To there, from here

So how do we jump on the video marketing band wagon of success? Well, it’s not going to explode with one video. Although single videos do go viral, you should really be looking at using video marketing as an overall content strategy for your business. In either case, you just have to make start. It’s not always about being super creative and fancy with all kind of effects and edits. If you’re inexperienced with video, adding these kind of elements into your video will only distract from your message. So avoid these thing in the beginning.

To get started, ask yourself the following questions:

1 – What do I have to offer? (business, product, service, talent, you decide)
2 – What value does it bring to others? (how does it help them? What can they achieve with your business, product, etc?)

It’s a short list, but the answers to these questions are what your viewers want to know anyway. As you progress and make more video’s you can hone down and go into detail on other aspects of your video. Just remember, for every successful video used in video marketing, the content has always had a goal – to entertain, inform or inspire – and this means making sure you offer value to the viewer. When you take into account what the objective of storytelling is and you fuse an aspect of inspiration, information, advice or humor to it then you’ve understood why video is so potent and works so well. The question: How effective is video marketing  can be answered easily by taking your target group into account and offering them what they really need. Online video makes all the difference, especially for new businesses and publishers looking to get more search engine traffic, but also for those who want to interact more with their visitors and customers in a trustful, meaningful way.

When you’re ready, we’d like to invite your to pre-register for our How to get clients using video course. It’s free! In this course we’ll teach you about the power of video and how to make create videos about yourself or your business.