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How to create company video blogs

Companies of all sizes are creating video blogs these days. It’s a necessary part of the content marketing strategy and for search engine optimization, a vital part of the marketing mix. But too few companies are creating vlogs. A missed opportunity because video is ranked and indexed, faster and higher than any other form of online content.

When a company uses video regularly, they’re able to dominate search engines rankings and their competition. The reason why this happens is simple. In comparison to text, there are a lot less videos out there and a video result is worth more than a text result. Why? Simple! People prefer to consume information in video form rather than reading text from a screen. This results in the videos appearing in search results (when available) being clicked on more than its text counterpart.

Creating a  vlog doesn’t have to be difficult or costly and in this blog, we’re providing a structure you can use straight away.

The company video blog (vlog)

The goal of every video marketing blog should be to provide value to the viewer or prospect. Each of your video blogs should offer a solution or answer one specific question. It’s easy to want to prop too much information into a video but this is the wrong way to do it. You’ll overload the viewer and possibly even confuse them.

To get this right you’ll need to structure your video in such a way that the viewer receives the information they need within a simple flow.

Take the example of creating a video blog that provides a useful tip. Make sure your video includes the following sections:

  • Recognition
  • Introduction
  • Opening
  • Answer
  • Conclusion
  • Call-To-Action

This flow is the clearest way of providing the viewer with the information they need and to keep them watching. Let’s go into detail about each section.

Company video blogs - How to create and use them for video marketing


At the beginning of the vlog address the question, issue or challenge you’re highlighting. You can do this by using questions as a part of your script. This can be more than one question as long as it’s related to the one issue or challenge your video is disclosing. For example, you could start your video like this:

“Are you looking for a way to get more x? Perhaps you don’t have enough time or resources to do X and don’t have enough budget either?”


In the recognition section of your video, you want to connect with your viewer at their level. When they recognize and can relate to what you’re addressing, you’ll have them interested and willing to watch more.


So, you’ve got them past the first 15 seconds and now is the time to introduce yourself. Here, you want to keep this section short and to the point. Remember: This is your chance to introduce yourself. Just keep in mind, the video isn’t about you, it’s about how you can help the viewer.

Your introduction should be brief. Something like this:

“I’m (name) at (company name) I help our clients achieve X”


The opening section is crucial because it’s what you say here that will determine whether the viewer is going to stay and watch the rest of your vlog. At this stage your viewer wants a general overview of the solution you’re going to provide them with. They are in anticipation of a solution to their question, issue or challenge and they want a real take-away, or something they will be able to get on with in one way or another after watching your video. You don’t want to provide them with the entire solution, you want to provide them with the assurance that you can help them solve their issue. For example, you could say something like this:

“In this video, I’m going to explain and show you how to achieve X in half the time
and within your budget”

Your opening script confirms what their challenge is and promises to help them solve it. We achieve this by using the same words used in the recognition section.


Now your viewer has got this far, they’re pretty much locked in but you must also deliver. The answer you provide should give them actionable tips they can use directly but also provide an opportunity for them to engage and create a relationship with you. It’s likely that if they are viewing a video blog, they are still on the lookout for information and deciding if they can trust you.  For the answer section, we’ll use this script to give an example:

“Here we go! A simple way to achieve X is by doing Y. You can do Y easily and quickly by using A & B. Once this is done, you’re set and ready to go. If you need help setting Y up, just give me a call, I’ll be glad to help you further”

The above example script is a fictional scenario but what we’re doing within the script is providing a quick solution. Your answer may seem obvious to you but it may not be obvious to the viewer. In general people like to receive help which is easy to understand. It doesn’t have to be complicated. All it needs to do is provide the help they are looking for in a way they can relate to. By offering more help in the form of getting in contact with you, you’re showing a helpful kinder part of yourself. The viewer now knows they can contact you for more help. This builds trust.


The conclusion section of the video needs to address the benefits of the solution so that the viewer understands what they’ll get if they do it. Although this may be clear after having provided the answer, you should still confirm this by including it in your script. It could be something like this:

“After you’ve done Y, you’ll see how your resources are utilized better and how everyone benefits. This saves time and creates better productivity and efficiency, making your workload lighter”

Company video blogs - How to create and use them for video marketingCall-To-Action

So, you’ve helped your viewer by providing a useful tip and inviting them to contact you. They’ve watched it up to now so you can assume they’re pretty happy. The chances of the picking up the ‘phone to call you is small but there is something you can do to foster a relationship with them directly.

Your Call-To-Action should invite them accept more help from you. You providing them with more, unexpected value will build more trust and you can do this by offering them a free e-book, guide, or some other download, such as a check-list and preferably within the video itself by using clickable or interactive video features. You’ll still need a script to support this. It should be something like this:


“If you’d like some more tips on how to get more X without taxing your budget or resources, then why not download our free toolkit called – How to get more X fast’. Just click on the button in the screen and we’ll send it to you directly!”


And there you have it. A concise video blog for your business that puts the viewer (prospect) at the center, providing them with value and positioning your company as helpful, authoritative and understanding of their needs. Take a look at Stephanie Ward’s company video where she helps informs her visitors about the 5 advantages of Google Adwords

There are many more video styles and structures to be considered when creating video blogs. If you’d like to know more, then why not download our very own guide “The best video styles for businesses” which you can download right here.

If you found this blog useful, why not share it with your colleagues too!

Onbeperkt video data

Zodat je video’s zoveel mogelijk mensen kunnen bereiken, verspreid en gedeeld kan worden.

(GEO targeted) Interactive video

Waar je Call to Actions binnen je video, b.v. een e-book downloaden, een inschrijfformulier or een html link.

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Orangevine is de enige professional video platform met een geïntegreerde Video SEO dat garandeert dat je snel zichtbaar bent binnen zoekmachines zoals Google.

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Videos moeten geschikt zijn voor elke platform en elk device. Desktop, tablet of mobiel. Orangevine detecteert welke apparaat jouw bezoekers gebruiken en levert de meest geschikte kwaliteit voor de beste video ervaring.


Orangevine is de enige professional video platform met een geintegreerde Video SEO dat garandeert dat je snel zichtbaar bent binnen zoekmachines zoals Google.

Transcripts & Captions

Orangevine is de enige professional video platform met een geintegreerde Video SEO dat garandeert dat je snel zichtbaar bent binnen zoekmachines zoals Google.

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