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Company video blogs – How to create and use them for video marketing

Companies of all sizes are creating video blogs these days. It’s a necessary part of the content marketing strategy and for search engine optimization, a vital part of the marketing mix. But too few companies are creating vlogs. A missed opportunity because video is ranked and indexed, faster and higher […]

Winners of the Dutch Orangevine contest

Begin 2017 heeft Orangevine een bijzondere wedstrijd gelanceerd waarbij ondernemers en bedrijven een gratis bedrijfsvideo konden winnen.Ons doel als Orangevine zijnde is zoveel mogelijk ondernemers de voordelen van video in te laten zien. Daarom besloten wij om niet alleen de video content (productie) gratis weg te geven, maar ook 12 […]

Online video styles for businesses: Which should you use? (free e-Book)

There are many different online video styles for businesses, so which one should be used and how? Before we get to this, we must first acknowledge that online video is here to stay and a content form that must be taken seriously. It’s not going anywhere soon and it’s pretty much become […]

The Power of Video Workshop

Don’t fancy watching the Power  of video? Read the transcript below the player instead! If you’re interested in learning more about how to utilize the power of video in for your business, this introduction workshop will provide you with the basics. This workshop is free, but spaces are limited. Registration […]

Online video – From video marketing to video sales

When it comes to effectively reaching and expanding your existing client or customer base online, there are a number of methods which can be used. One of those methods, which is currently underused by a great majority, is online video. Although there is great hype about online video, and rightly […]