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The Orangevine founders come from a publishing and technical background. We understand what publishing, and marketing requirements are when using video, whilst at the same time have a vast understanding of the technical challenges.

Orangevine provides your business with a solution that takes your needs now and in the future into consideration. In our eyes, Orangevine is the solution that thoroughly takes into account the following and provides a solution to them:

Video solutions that work

Orangevine’s technical team have developed video solutions for the biggest players in the online video market and with this knowledge and experience, we know how the industry will continue to develop. Orangevine puts this technical and publisher expertise into the hands of its clients ensuring your requirements are met and in-line with current market developments.

flexible pricing
flexible pricing bw

Flexible pricing

Orangevine offers different price plans that fit your needs now, yet take your further growth plans into account. With every company striving for more revenue and success, it’s difficult to know where the tipping point is. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know exactly how this feels which is why the Orangevine price plans offer you gentle pushed upwards without breaking the bank.

innovative technology
innovative technology bw

Innovative Technology

As publishers ourselves, we know how important it is for your video content to load fast, be of great quality and accessible on all devices. Orangevine understands that although you may now be focusing on desktop users, you will at one point want to engage with mobile and tablet users. The Orangevine technology allows this, without you having to do anything. Orangevine detects which device and browser a viewer is using and selects the most suitable player and video quality, automatically. Click here to read a full list of the technological features.

Unlimited data

When you want your video, e-learning course, video sales letter to reach as many people as possible or even go ‘viral’, Orangevine takes care of this. All Orangevine video hosting packages come with unlimited data. Orangevine is the only video hosting service that offers this. Our aim is for you to be able to utilize video in whichever way suits your business or activities, large or small.

monetisation bw


As publishers we’re connected to the biggest media agencies, world-wide. If you’re looking to monetize your content, we’ll gladly help you with it. The set-up will be simple. We offer Orangevine clients a rev-share deal depending on the Orangevine price plan you have.

Interactive / Shoppable video

We don’t just mean adding your email address to your video. We mean interactive video in the sense of a fully working shoppable or interactive video which highlights select moments where the viewer can take action. Orangevine has working examples of the ‘right way’ to use interactive video with statistics and facts that prove its value. When you sign up for Orangevine, you’ll have full access to our Orangevine Library of tools, demo’s and tutorials.

scalable storage
scalable storage bw

Scalable storage

All Orangevine price plans come with dedicated storage space. In our experience, if you’re using video hosting as a marketing tool to your core business activities, then you benefit most from data usage being unlimited. Of course, if you’re a video producer, such as an e-learning house, online broadcaster or agency serving hundreds of client videos, then our Enterprise and Custom plans are available for you too. We’ve thought about this long and hard which is why as an enterprise client, you still receive unlimited data a minimum of 1TB storage data for your needs.

Video SEO suite

Getting your video SEO right can make the world of difference when you want to attract more visitors to your website via search engines. But video SEO needs to be done correctly. The founders of Orangevine are publishers of more than 20 world-wide verticals and face SEO challenges on a daily basis for their video and content productions. With this knowledge, Orangevine developed a video SEO system that works. We’ve integrated this into the work-flow so that Orangevine clients can use it directly. When used directly the results are not only incredible but also visible.

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