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The professional video hosting platform for your business

HTML5 video player that supports all aspect ratios
(no black bars) + full screen





Add video to your website or webshop easily with
Orangevine plugins, apps and extensions

Model or Product video app for Shopify

Integrate video with the Shopify app

Video extension for Magento 1 & 2 sites

Magento CMS video extension

Woocommerce video plugin for WordPress sites

woocommerce video plugin

Robust video hosting with incredible features

Your videos are fully protected ensuring privacy and content safety

Get viewers to subscribe to your list at any part of the video: beginning, end or during!

Help viewers convert faster by adding chapters to relevant parts of your video

Keep viewers engaged by providing them choice within your videos

Minding your business

Whatever business size you have, Orangevine’s online video hosting solution is there for you too.

Orangevine for business owners of all sizes
Minding your business – Orangevine professional video hosting platform 800 px

Flexible pricing plans

Whatever your budget and whichever type of business you run, Orangevine pricing plans take into account what you need now and where you aim to grow towards in the future.

Video SEO optimized

We're created a built in video SEO suite which submits your videos to search engines automatically. This means your own site gets ranked and ensure visitors straight to your website.

Unlimited data

We guarantee all Orangevine users: business owners, eCommerce, video producers, agencies and/or publishers that your video content will always be accessible online.

Interactive video

We're talking interactive video features in the fullest sense of the word. Add buttons or links. Download whitepages or checklists or even collect email addresses during any part of the video.

  • 190 YEARLY with 10% discount
  • 350 YEARLY with 10% discount